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The visionary zeal of two young individuals gave birth to "kanhai Foods Pvt. Ltd." in the year 1996. The company started manufacturing and marketing 100% Eggless bread under the brand name "KALORY" The beginning was a modest one.

However true to the symbolism associated with the first day of the commercial production of the company namely 15th August, the brand "KALORY" completely revolutionized the way in which the people of Gujarat viewed the hitherto foreign product.

Today "KALORY" is the number one choice of the people right from Ahmedabad to Saurashtra to Central and North Gujarat.

The success of this small start-up company against stiff competition from well entrenched competitors in form of a family involved in this business for over 25 years and a multinational company, is not only praiseworthy but a shining example of true entrepreneurial spirit and zeal.


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